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Terms and Conditions

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS RENTAL Inn and holiday homes The Jonker family

1. General

When you make a request for the reservation of a place to stay, you unreservedly agree to the rental conditions below. Therefore, please read them carefully when you wish to make a reservation. These terms and conditions apply to the inn and vacation homes located at Le lac, Chalûs 87230 France. The owner / lessor of the property is: Jonker family, represented by Bert and Angèle Jonker, same home address.


2. Conditions

These conditions can only be deviated from if the owner has agreed to this in writing in advance. This written consent is then stated on the booking confirmation. The tenant can therefore under no circumstances claim the application of his own general terms and conditions. The accommodation can be rented during the periods and at the rates indicated on the website www.familiejonkerlelac.com, for a stay from 1 night.

3. Reservation Holiday Homes

You can book by telephone or via email or via a booking site. Every reservation is confirmed by the owner by means of a booking confirmation by e-mail. Within 5 days after receiving this booking confirmation, an advance payment of 50% of the rent must be paid. If this payment is not received in time by the lessor, the reservation request will irrevocably be canceled. The balance of the rental price and the deposit must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the start of the rental period. The landlord has the right to postpone access to the holiday home until it can be demonstrated that the rent and the deposit have been paid in full. If you make a reservation within 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, you must immediately pay the total rental price and the deposit with the reservation. In the event of late payment of the balance of the rental price and the deposit, the owner is furthermore entitled to cancel the booked period for the rental of the holiday home. The prepaid amount then applies as a cancellation fee.
Reservation Inn You can reserve a pilgrim's place by telephone, e-mail or via booking site. Upon arrival at the inn you immediately pay the price confirmed in writing.

4. Cancellation of reservation Holiday homes by tenant

Upon cancellation by the tenant he will owe the following fees: - up to 60 days before the start: 25% of the rent - less than 60 days up to 14 days before the start: 50% of the rent - less then 14 days before the start: 100% of the rent If the tenant does not use the holiday home or leaves it before the end of the rental period, no refund will be made.

5. Cancellation by the owner

If certain weighty circumstances force the owner to cancel the already rented holiday home, the tenant will be notified immediately and as soon as possible and no later than 14 days afterwards the owner will refund the amounts already paid. The tenant has no right other than reclaiming the amount paid.

6. Number of people and subletting

The holiday homes are suitable for a minimum of 2 (gite) and a maximum of 6 people (apartment and house). Children under one year of age are not counted as full-fledged persons, but must be registered when booking. If this number is exceeded, the lessor has the right, at his own discretion, to deny the tenant access to the holiday home without any right to reimbursement or reimbursement of the amounts already paid, or to charge an additional rent of 25% of the rental price per additional person, which will be deducted from the deposit. Sub-letting of the holiday home is not permitted.

7. Liability

The rented holiday home must be occupied by the tenant, his co-tenants or his visitors with the required care and care, taking into account the tranquility of the area. The main tenant is liable for damage caused by him / her, by co-tenants, by any visitors, even if these are found after his / her departure. If damage is found after the main tenant has left, he will have to comply with the owner's decision. House rules present and / or provided with the holiday home are an integral part of the rental agreement and must therefore be strictly adhered to. The tenant must ensure that he causes no noise nuisance to the neighbors. In the event of infringement, all persons will be removed from the holiday home without prior warning - without refund of rent. The existing furniture may not be moved. It is - without prior permission - not allowed to put wood in a barbecue or make a fire in the garden.

It is forbidden to use the holiday home to organize parties and / or drinks parties. In the event of infringement, the rental period will be interrupted without the tenant having any right to reclaim the remaining rent. A smoking ban applies throughout the entire home. Smoke detectors are installed. Fire extinguishers are provided at several locations. Pets are in principle not allowed in the houses, unless explicitly approved in writing by the landlord. If there are indications that this rule is not taken seriously then the total guarantee will be withheld. The tenant is requested to be insured for damage to third parties such as liability insurance (family insurance). The tenant is advised to do well to insure his legal liability in the event of a fire caused by the holiday home concerned.

8. Guarantee

The tenant (not being a pilgrim for 1 night) pays the landlord a guarantee in the amount of 250 euros in advance. This guarantee is intended to cover damage due to possible accidents, etc. Complaints regarding the inventory and existing damage are accepted up to four hours after the arrival of the tenant. This must be reported to the owner or his representative on site. If everything has been left in good order and no damage has been found, the deposit will be returned by bank transfer no later than three weeks after the end of the stay. If the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the tenant is obliged to make an additional payment within the week after notification. It is advisable to report spontaneous accidents to the owner. If something is damaged, it is advisable to keep the broken pieces aside for the owner or the person responsible on site. In this way it is possible to determine which piece is broken or damaged and to prevent discussions and misunderstandings.


9. The end of the stay - final cleaning

The rented holiday home must be left tidy at the end of the stay. It is the tenant's job to tidy up the house, put everything back in its place, empty the bins, clean the kitchen sink and put the clean dishes in the cupboard and leave the holiday home clean. If the house and / or garden are in a state that does not allow them to be cleaned within the usual timeframe, the owner has the right to charge the extra cleaning hours and this at 25 euros / hour. The windows and doors must be closed on departure. The heating must be lowered.

10. Household waste

The household waste must be sorted and taken to the containers near College or Gamvert in Chalûs.

11. Time of arrival and departure

Please respect the arrival and departure times.
The holiday home is at least available to the tenant from 16:00 on the day of arrival. You can leave until 11 am.


12. Complaints and competent court

Any dispute arising from these regulations or from the lease will be settled in accordance with French law and will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Limoges.

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