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Welcome to Family Jonker

Since the summer of 2016 we, Bert and Angèle Jonker from The Netherlands, live with the youngest two girls of our four children at the French campagne. In the small village Le Lac, Châlus at about 450 kilometers south of Paris.
After almost 30 years of mainly being focused on study, work and career, we found Peace, Space and Regularity in our live.

It feels like a leap back in time. Like the Netherlands of 30 years ago. That's how we explain it to the French people. ‘Back then, happiness was really common’.
Meanwhile we are almost fully integrated in culture and language. We are enjoying contacts with the pilgrims, cooking out of our vegetable-garden, taking care of the animals, horse riding, searching for eatable mushrooms, making really long walks and divers other ordinary special things .

Although we're not completely French, we do love the long warm lunches, picking fruit from aside the road for our own compote and jam and our first experiences with realizing a vineyard .

After three years of building the house and the grange we can now accommodate our guests comfortably and make them acquainted to this peaceful French life. We offer divers possibilities to stay for a really relaxed holiday.
On our site you will find information about staying shorter or longer at either our Pilgrims hostel, the family houses or gite from which, you too, can experience the real French life .
The environment has got a lot of opportunities to undertake activities in nature, culture and sports. Like endless walks without meeting anybody, mountain biking, cycling, photographing, swimming in lakes, visit markets and musea and enjoying affordable good ‘menu du jour’ and wine. Also there are several big cities and a lot of tourist attractions that you can visit easily as we are also very close to the Dordogne. We love to tell you more about it.

Our house on the pilgrimspath to Santiago the Compostel, in Le lac is situated in the friendly rolling French region Limousin (Haute-Vienne) 5 kilometers North of the Dordogne and in between the villages Limoges and Perigueux. The nearest village Chalûs has all of the necessities and is at approximately one mile .


Do you have any other questions, please know where to find us. We will be more then pleased to help you.



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